Get ahead of the problem

Legal issues are extremely unpleasant. Especially when they come unexpected. With our services you will turn tormenting legal problems into pesky inconveniences with an easy solution.

Real estate transactions

There is nothing in this area that is unknown to us.

Ready for business

Save time and nerves. Leave the bureaucracy to us.

Preparation and management of European projects

With European funding, businesses can work wonders.

Corporate legal services

From small companies to large corporations. We have experience with both.

Legal representation

Everyone needs a lawyer sooner or later. With us you will not have to worry about choosing the right one.

Debt collection

This process is not pleasant for anyone, but with the right approach and it can be completed without any problems.

Freelancers and startups

It is not easy being your own boss. Do you have time for legal tasks?

Business in Bulgaria

Bulgarian laws are foreign even to most Bulgarians. That is why your business needs the right person to help with the legal tasks in our country.

Citizenship and visas

It is not easy to become a Bulgarian citizen, but it is by no means an impossible task.

Personal affairs

In the most delicate matter of law, one must work primarily with finesse.


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