European projects

VM-LAW can develop and manage your projects with European funding. Winning such projects is a laborious process. Said process can take years. From the preparation of the application documents to the final report in front of institutions. During all this time someone must monitor whether everything is going smoothly.

If your project with free European funding is managed by the wrong people, it can cost you a lot of unnecessary money, nerves and, last but not least, time.

That is why we can offer help with our experience in this field. Whether you are a small or a large company, VM-LAW has the skills and resources to ensure that your European project will be successful.

In order for you to take advantage of our services, first we must get acquainted with your ideas and goals. After making an individual consultation tailored to the needs of your company, we can provide the following services:

  • A statement on which European and national grant programs are suitable for your business;
  • Consultation on the requirements and application procedure;
  • Preparation and submission of the project proposal for application.

But this is only the first stage of a successful project. After the approval of the project and the signing of a grant agreement, the project management procedure begins, which must then be reported in front of the institutions.

At this stage of the project we can assist with:

  • preparation and implementation of all procedures for the selection of a contractor;
  • legal and accounting consulting in project management;
  • communication with the managing institution;
  • preparation and submission of interim and final reports.


We are always ready to help!