Preparing all the necessary documents for a real estate transaction is a complex, time-consuming process. Why waste your time with it? Let us deal with bureaucracy for you.

продажба на имот

Too many documents from too many places

“Ready for business” is a service created to make the process of selling real estate property as easy and time-saving as possible. Usually gathering all the needed documents from every institution can take so much time that finalizing the transaction starts to feel like a second job for the seller.

A battle with bureaucracy

To sell a real estate property, its owner must push through at least three branches of state administration. This practically means that before each real estate transaction you must deal with low-quality online systems, or wait for days in front of oppressive official buildings.

We offer an easy solution

The “Ready for business” service provides you with all the documents required for a real estate transaction. Swiftly, easily and without any unnecessary hassle. We will take care of everything you might need to sell your real estate property.

How does “Ready for business” work?


Step one

  • In order for us to prepare everything you need for the sell of your property, you need to either send the necessary documents through our online platform, or schedule a face to face meeting.

    As soon as we have everything we need, we will find the exact documents needed for the real estate transaction to pass smoothly.


Step two

  • You will receive feedback on the documents needed for the completion of the transaction. For some of them we will need for you to provide a notarized power of attorney. A draft version of it can be found here

After a legal analysis, you receive a statement on which documents are needed for the transaction to be finalized, a valuables check, as well as a draft preliminary contract according to your expectations for price, terms, transfer of possession, etc. You will also receive a deposit agreement contract.

You can see a draft statement here


Step three

  • “Ready for business” provides you with all the documents needed for the successful completion of the property sale.

The required documents…

In order for us to start preparing the documents necessary for a sale, you only need to send a notary deed.

… are public information.

The notary deed is publicly available and, if by chance you have misplaced your physical copy, a new one can be issued for you at the Registry Agency of Bulgaria.

Prepare the documents for the sale of a real estate property

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Attach the necessary documents here

    When the transaction needs more

    Sometimes preparing the documents is just not enough. That’s why VM-LAW offers several additional services that will help your real estate property sell.

    Our team is fully capable of preparing the appraisal of your property.

    We are experts in real estate transactions. That is why we can fix up your property’s commercial appearance, which can significantly increase its selling price.

    Sometimes a real estate property can be divided between several owners who are difficult to find. We can help you locate them.

    Payment for the documents can be made after the sale of the property.


    We are always ready to help!