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VM Consultancy group brings lawyers, jurists and accountants together to solve all potential legal problems one business may face. Thanks to our professional experience, we know that every problem has a solution. Even if it is not visible at first. Difficulties are entwined with business, but now the people who can help you deal with them are here.  

Ready for business

Preparing all the necessary documents for a real estate transaction is a complex, time-consuming process. Why waste your time with it? Let us deal with bureaucracy for you.


Every business will face problems sooner or later. Expected or not, they are an inseparable part of the work process. The diverse nature of such headaches makes them a barrier for growth. You can’t hire a different lawyer, jurist or accountant for every new problem that arises, can you? It’s just not profitable.

That is where “VM-LAW” comes into play. See how our team of lawyers, jurists and accountants can help your business function effortlessly.

Real estate transactions

Ready for a deal

European projects

Corporate legal services

Legal representation

Debt collection

Freelancers and startups

Business in Bulgaria

Citizenship and visas

Individual Law

A little more about us

We are an ambitious team of lawyers, jurists and accountants with years of experience behind us. We have been working together since 2015. Through that time we realized that every person working with us is different. That means that it is practically impossible for us to achieve quality results if we do not handle each task with an individual approach. A sigh of relief is often the result of original thinking. Take a look at the people who can help you achieve your business goals.


Being a professional consultant means being informed, but information must be accessible for everyone. Can our blog help with your legal question?


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