Business in Bulgaria

Foreign business in Bulgaria


Starting a business in Bulgaria is by no means a difficult task, but like everything, it has its subtleties. For foreigners, the development of a successful business on our territory is a series of specific events with which VM-LAW can help. Our team provides full legal and accounting services to foreign companies and individuals engaged in commercial activities in Bulgaria:

  • Legal advice when starting a business – regulatory requirements for comercial activity, tax and social security taxation, personal data protection, etc .;
  • Registration of a company owned by a foreign company or a foreigner;
  • Virtual office;
  • Representation by a lawyer in front of banking, administrative and judicial institutions;
  • Subscription for legal services;
  • Subscription for accounting services;

The laws in each country are dynamic. If you are not careful enough, you may miss changes in the laws of Bulgaria. Our team monitors for changes in regulations and informs its foreign clients in a timely manner about changes that will affect their commercial activities.


We are always ready to help!