Freelancers and startups

In 2019, shortly before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 35% of the entire US workforce was made up entirely of freelancers. This method of work has a strong following in Europe as well. It is usually used by some of the most profitable industries such as technology, finance and much of the creative services on the market are provided by freelancers.

That is why freelance is starting to take root in Bulgaria as well. After the first days of the quarantine, many workers and employers realized that the usual business model – working in an office surrounded by colleagues – might be unprofitable in a long term.

So people started working for themselves. This way they can manage their time, their clients and the place from where their business operates. This freedom allowed freelancers to spend a few hours, or even days, on themselves – something people working standard hours cannot afford.

But sooner or later, business faces bureaucracy. Proper documentation is an important aspect of any successful business. And this is where we can help. We offer specialized consulting for freelancers and startups who want to create their own gig.

We know what a young business needs. We know the value of your time and we can help you to not waste it on various government institutions. We know how important quality legal advice can be when you are laying the foundations of a new company or starting work on a new project.

We can provide legal advice and administrative assistance:

  • Registering a new company and subsequent changes;
  • Carrying out activity as a self-insured person;
  • Funding finding – participation in projects with grant funding;
  • Mentoring by successful entrepreneurs and business leaders;
  • Establishing connections with other start-up businesses in order to exchange experience, customers and know-how.

Our team also provides current accounting services to start-up businesses.


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