Personal affairs 

Insurance law

Insurance law covers cases related to the insurance system and the possibility of compensation or maintenance in case of general or occupational disease, occupational accident, disability, old age, death, reduced or lost working capacity, unemployment, etc.

We provide legal advice and representation in:

  • unlawful dismissal;
  • compensation for the time during which you lost your job due to dismissal;
  • compensation in case of social risk – occupational accident, occupational disease, etc.

The services we offer can be useful for both parties in such legal cases – that of the employer and that of the employee.

We can also help with issues related to health insurance and social assistance.

Labour law

Labour law regulates the work relations between an employee and an employer.

Here’s how we can help you with these types of legal cases:

  • preparation of employment contracts and any documents connected with labour laws – documents on imposition of disciplinary sanctions, payment of compensations, regulations for internal labour order and others;
  • preparation of contracts for management of Ltd.;
  • consultations of employees regarding signing and termination of employment contracts, issues concerning labour disputes, claims against illegal dismissal, redundancies, in case of an accident at work, labour law consultations in connection with corporate transactions;
  • full legal assistance to employers concerning labour laws;
  • legal statements on the imposition of disciplinary sanctions;
  • representation in claim proceedings in front of respective competent courts;
  • assistance in negotiations between employers, employees and their representatives for out-of-court settlement of labour disputes.

Family and inheritance law

Family and inheritance law are two of the most delicate legal areas in our society. Often the problems covered by this term are things you could never imagine. With the wrong approach, such cases can cost much more than it seems at first glance.

It is because of this specific and delicate nature of the relationship based on marriage, kinship, adoption, guardianship, trusteeship and inheritance that we advise you to contact a lawyer if you have any questions regarding family law.

Here are our most popular services in this area:

  • Choice of regime of the property relations between spouses – this legal consultation is confidential and aims to make an informed choice about the property relations between the spouses;
  • Preparation of a prenuptial contract – includes legal advice, preparation of the text of the prenuptial contract and assistance in its registration in the Registry Agency, Register of property relations of the spouses.

In case you have decided to end your marriage, our lawyers provide legal representation in:

  • Divorce by mutual consent;
  • Divorce according to the general claim procedure;
  • Claims for a larger share due to a significant contribution;
  • Claims for proving the lack of joint contribution in the acquisition of the property.

We can also give advice on the following issues related to divorce:

  • Initial determination of alimony and its compulsory collection;
  • Increase / decrease of initially awarded alimony;


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