Legal representation

Procedural representation in civil, administrative and criminal cases.

 Everyone can face problems with the law. But it depends on the people you chose to represent you in such situations whether the issue lasts long or not. We prefer solving problems quickly.

Our team provides legal representation in disputes of various kinds in front of judicial and arbitration bodies throughout Bulgaria:

  • Representation in civil, commercial and administrative cases – including in insolvency proceedings, judicial division, claims for contesting wills, claims for determining a larger share, etc .;
  • Commercial arbitration;
  • Representation in enforcement cases;
  • Appeal of administrative acts and penal decrees;
  • Proceedings under the State and Municipal Liability for Damages Act (SMLDA);
  • We provide legal advice for existing cases – verbal and written legal advice and statements on legal issues, including giving opinions and legal assistance in case of necessary follow-ups;

We provide legal representation and legal defence of both suspects, accused and defendants in criminal cases, as well as victims of crimes in front of all relevant bodies and instances in the pre-trial and trial phase of the process.


We offer legal advice and provide legal defence in:

  • detention in the pre-trial phase;
  • attracting defendants and bringing charges;
  • bringing the investigation to the pre-trial stage;
  • cases of a private nature – crimes that are prosecuted on the victim’s complaint – for example, defamation, insult, minor bodily injury, etc.
  • agreements with the prosecution in the pre-trial and trial phase;
  • claims for monetary compensation for damages suffered in a crime;
  • legal representation and defence in various types of crimes – including bodily injuries as a result of traffic accidents, drunk driving or under the influence of narcotics, possession and / or distribution of narcotic substances.


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