Corporate legal services

Every company needs a lawyer. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have one on staff. That is why we offer companies a subscription for legal services.

We offer consulting when starting a new business. We can also help you improve and develop the commercial activity of an existing one. We will suggest a proper form of management for your company.

Here are the services provided by our team:

  • Subscription for legal services for companies with a standard timeframe of 5 astronomical hours;
  • Preparation of constituent documents (statutes, memorandums of association, management contracts, etc.), convening and holding general meetings of partners / shareholders, as well as entering companies in relevant public registers;
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation and entry of changes in the Commercial Register on the account of the companies;
  • Legal consultations for the establishment and development of the activity of non-profit legal entities for private or public benefit;
  • Preparation of a personal data protection policy and all applicable procedures, as well as required documents, in accordance with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679);
  • Consultation, preparation, redaction of all types of contracts;
  • Consultation in case of commercial disputes and preparation of agreements;
  • Transformation of companies (merger, acquisition, division, separation and change of legal form);
  • Procedural protection against illegal acts of the company’s bodies;
  • Assistance in obtaining permits and licenses necessary for the performance of certain activities;
  • Termination of companies and insolvency proceedings;
  • Procedural protection in bankruptcy proceedings;

We provide legal assistance and preparation of necessary documents for the execution of all types of commercial transactions:

  • Securities;
  • Contracts of transport;
  • Sales;
  • Commission and distribution contracts;
  • Rental agreement;
  • Loan agreement, etc.

Our team performs tax consulting and accounting services:

  • Legal advice related to taxation;
  • Procedural representation in appealing against audit acts;
  • VAT registration (voluntary or mandatory);
  • VAT deregistration;
  • Publication of annual financial statements;
  • Day to day accounting;
  • Yearly accounting subscription;

We can make your business easier to manage.


We are always ready to help!