Vyara Vasileva

Dimitur Petrov


Vyara Vasileva

Dimitur Petrov


Life before graduation


Dimitar Petrov is a graduate of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. There he studied Law. Part of his studies took place in the city of Bordeaux in France. However, a master’s degree was not enough for him. Thus, his academic path continues and he is now a doctoral student in the Department of General Theory of Law at Sofia University.

This passion for knowledge has made him a polyglot. He knows several languages. He uses four of them in his professional life – Bulgarian, English, French and Russian.

His career in a few words


Dimitar is a member of the Sofia Bar Association. His professional experience progressed through several large commercial companies. There he built his extensive experience in the field of civil and administrative law. In his portfolio we can see successful lawsuits against a number of monopolists. Most are in the field of utilities. Dimitar has victories against Toplofikatsiya Sofia, CEZ and Sofiyska Voda.


If we have to summarize the type of work he has the most experience in, we can use the story of David and Goliath. Dimitar is excellent at defending the common man in cases against large and small companies.


He has solid experience in the fields of protection of debtors against companies with a monopoly status, civil law and litigation, contract law – drafting, representation in signing of contracts and agreements, labor law – protection against unlawful dismissal, compensation, protection against AUA and penal decrees issued by the Labor Inspectorate, insurance, representation on claims against insurers, property and notary law.

His strongest sides


According to him, success in these cases is due as much to his creative thinking as to his successful communication with clients.


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