Vyara Vasileva

Vasil Mihaylov

Managing partner

Vyara Vasileva

Vasil Mihaylov

Managing partner


Life before graduation

Vasil Mihaylov was born in Burgas. His first serious achievement in education happened in 2009, when he graduated from the High school of natural sciences and mathematics “Academician Nikola Obreshkov” in his hometown. One of the best high schools in the city gave him a solid foundation in mathematics, but he decided to focus on humanitarian sciences. Thus he enrolled with “Law” at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. He graduated without any problems in 2015 and since then he has devoted himself entirely to his career.


He started building his professional experience even before he officially took his law degree. During his studies, Vasil started working in a construction company. Its main activity was manage the design, construction and commissioning of energy facilities. Hence his experience with renewable electricity and the law in this area.


His career also passed through a large accounting firm. There he got acquainted with the process of accounting for Bulgarian and foreign companies. A skill he still uses to this day.


His last job, before becoming a founder and managing partner in VM-LAW, was in one of the largest real estate agencies in Bulgaria. There he managed to learn all the intricacies of selling, renting and financing the purchase of a real-estate property.

His strengths


According to him, his strengths are not in boasting, but conducting trade negotiations and defending positions are two things in which he is rarely able to meet an equal opponent.

His main expertise is in the field of real estate. He is also a specialist in servicing foreign clients who want to start a business in Bulgaria. In addition to all this, he has solid experience in debt collection.

If we have to choose a few words that would best describe Vasil, they will certainly be perseverance, well-measured ambition and peace.


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